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Dental Team Finder groupDental Team Finder is a unique recruitment resource for practices and job applicants exclusively in the dental space.  Whether you’re a doctor and/or practice owner needing to find a great team member or dental professional seeking a new opportunity, our company seeks to add value in the space of dental recruitment.  From adding Associate Doctors to entry level team members, our website contains a listing of dental professionals that practices can connect to in finding employees to sustain their growth.  We are specialized for the dental field, which is an industry that continues to evolve.  Now more than ever,  business operations outsourcing functions such as ours are necessary for a competitive edge and future growth.

Dental Team Finder is unlike typical job board offerings out there, even those in the dental space, in that we seek to screen and recommend the best candidates, not just send you dozens of unqualified applicants.  Your listings can be customized to fit the needs of employers based on their practice specialties, team culture, values, philosophies, market, and professional acumen.  We are selective in creating a list of applicants that make the best addition to your practice.

dental team finder foundersWe provide additional information about the industry to keep you updated.  These include hiring practices, job growth, treatment innovations, and marketing trends.  To maintain a competitive edge, being aware of the dynamic changes in the dental field is as important as hiring personnel for your practice.

Dental practice growth is possible with the right team members that possess a high degree of commitment.  At Dental Team Finder, we can provide the pieces that will help you build your “Dream Team”.

randa-oconnorRanda O’Connor

It’s my pleasure to meet you! I’m excited and honored that you have chosen to get to know the amazing people behind Dental Team Finder. I know you will find each one of them to be genuine, caring and extremely passionate about helping you in every way possible.

Although I started my career in dentistry by accident, the 20 years I’ve spent in the industry has been a wonderful journey. Eight years in to my career I was blessed with the amazing opportunity to own Pinnacle Practices, Inc., now known as The Pinnacle Leadership Academy, Inc. For the last 15 years I’ve been blessed to work with thousands of dental professionals all over the world as a Practice Management Consultant and Business Coach. I truly respect and admire the friends I have made while working in this noble profession.

Thank you, for allowing me to introduce myself and welcome to the Dental Team Finder family!

Randa is Co-Founder and President of Dental Team Finder. She speaks both nationally and internationally on many topics related to the business of dentistry. She has published articles in Contemporary Esthetics, Dental Economics, and Mentor magazines.

Randa is also Owner and President of Pinnacle Leadership Academy, Inc., a highly respected dental consulting firm. Her desire to make a difference in the teams she coaches motivates her to learn more about “people” every day.

“I think I began learning long ago that those who are happiest are those who do the most for others” – Booker T. Washington

keith-mclachlanKeith McLachlan

Adding Value.  This is one of my foundational principles. From a very early age I have sought ways to have a servant’s heart and give more than I receive.  Dental Team Finder is no different for me. In fact, I wasn’t adding as much value in my corporate career, which led me to take the jump into business ownership.

I value people greatly and it is my firm belief that we are capable of much more than we believe is possible.  We are limited only by the beliefs we choose to find absolute truth in. I started my career in dentistry back in 1994 as a Sales Representative for Brasseler USA where I spent 6 years until I transitioned over to Align Technology, Inc. (makers of Invisalign®).  Align Technology was a very exciting position for me getting to usher in a revolutionary product and a new technology for straightening teeth.  I became a Regional Manager in 2007 and that is where I found my love of coaching and leadership.  I always envisioned myself as a coach and when it happened, it made a huge impact in my world and for the company.  What I really saw through my coaching and leadership with Align was that I was adding value not just to my team, but also to the practices I served.  The value extended well beyond that of just Invisalign®, but in areas of New Patients, Finance, Marketing & yes, dental team members.

I am happily married now for 20 years to my much better half Amie. I am the proud father of three wonderful children – Karson 18, Keaton 16 & Kynkade 13. We enjoy Family Movie Night every Friday and we love vacationing and traveling together (believe it, or not).  They are an inspiration to me and they add more value to me than I to them most times.  I look forward to meeting you and hope to serve and add value to you very soon!

Keith is Co-Founder and Partner of Dental Team Finder.  Keith has led teams in Sales & Marketing and has been in the dental industry for over 20 years.  Keith has lectured to the dental and orthodontic fields and has been a content contributor to various articles and studies in his tenure with Brasseler USA and Align Technology.  Keith is a student of Leadership and believes that this endeavor is a journey, not a destination.

tricia-nardiTricia Nardi

After 20 years in the dental industry, I believe the same ingredients for happiness and success apply to any field, not just the cornfield. When some of these key elements are missing, or we find ourselves missing an important leg of our team, we begin to struggle, and unfortunately our happiness and success start to fade.

I have found a true passion in working with dental teams to maximize their internal systems and communication skills. As the Director of Client Relations for Dental Team Finder my goal is to make a positive impact with every team we touch, whatever their need may be. I am confident that our Dental Team Finder family has the heart, dedication and determination required to assist you in reaching the level of happiness and success desired in your dental practice.”

Tricia Nardi has served as an expanded duties dental assistant, financial and patient coordinator, and practice manager for several of the top names and lead practitioners in the Chicagoland area. Tricia joined the Pinnacle Leadership Academy team in 2013 as Director of Client Relations, and is excited to take on the same role with Dental Team Finder. This busy mother of three brings her high energy and positive outlook with her wherever she goes.

tricia-nardiRylie Granger

Hello all, my name is Rylie and I am from a very small town located in South East Texas. As a recent graduate from Texas State University-San Marcos, I’ve come to realize that helping others seeking their  life-long professional goal is where my passion lies.  Most especially, in the dental Industry.  I enjoy learning more about people and listening to what they seek most in a position. Helping find someone the position of their dreams truly makes my heart warm!

Being a college athlete to becoming a recruiter, I have found many parallels.  Both are challenging and competitive.  Best of all, I can use much of what I learned in sports to continuously improve and better myself.  Success, as an athlete means one wins and another loses.  However, in recruiting, everyone can win – the candidate, the client and our team!  That being said, I will give each candidate, no matter the role, my full attention and dedication.  I seek to add value to each and every individual that I cross paths with.  Thank-you for choosing Dental Team Finder; where our passion and dedication outweighs others.

Dental Team Finder Satisfaction Guarantee
We at Dental Team Finder prioritize people and relationships over profits. If you are not completely satisfied with your experience from one of our paid products, please submit your request to info@dentalteamfinder.com, include the best phone # to reach you and one of our Customer Experience Professionals will contact you to gather the details and offer you a complete refund of your fees. The only trade off is your time so we can collect your feedback in our effort towards continuous improvement.

We value your relationship and strive to be the best online marketplace for dental professionals and their teams. We just don’t see any alternative than to doing business the right way – exactly the way we wish to be treated.