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All of our Talent Search Consultants have experience working in the dental field.  We know dentistry and we know what kind of people it takes to add value to any dental business. Whether you own a single dental practice or you are responsible for hiring for many offices we can help.  Our services are designed to save your valuable time and stress as well as prevent costly hiring mistakes.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

Step 1

  • Educate our team on the dynamics of your dental business and team member needs.
  • Paint a picture of the ideal candidate.  The more we know about you the better equipped we are to find qualified team members that match your criteria.

Step 2

  • We strategically determine where to find the best candidates
  • Search for candidates
  • Carefully review all resumes
  • Follow up on career references
  • Confirm licensing and credentials (for clinical positions)
  • Run a basic background check
  • Review their social media etiquette
  • Invite qualified candidates to a “live” interview via Skype.

Step 3

Those we deem a great match for your team will be forwarded to you for consideration.  Upon hire, this program provides a 30-day guarantee, meaning if the candidate simply  doesn’t work out for any reason, we go back to work for you at no additional charge to fill your position (Guarantee is conditional based on a 1-day in-office Skills Assessment completed by candidate).

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“As a new graduate from dental school, I was both excited and intimidated to transition into a workforce.  I wanted to make sure that I could find the right associate position that fit my needs and allowed me to practice the proper way.  This process was made so much easier by the wonderful professionals at Dental Team finder.  It took one phone call to explain what I was looking for and by the end of the week I had multiple interviews with incredible practices.  I am extremely grateful for the assistance received from Dental Team Finder.”

Dr. Jacob Abbott
Dallas, TX

“Birner Dental Management Services has been successfully working with Dental Team Finder to help us source strong General and Specialty Dentists for our 68 Perfect Teeth practices.  Our experience with their organization has been thorough, responsive, and quite innovative in their approach to recruiting.  They are easy to work with and they have strong personal values.  We have hired some high quality clinicians because of their efforts.  I would highly recommend Dental Team Finder as a specialty dental recruiter.”

Carl Budke
VP of Human Resources
Birner Dental Management Services, Inc.